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Introducing Bright Mind

Bright Mind — an easy-to-use portable system that can provide the exercise and training to support your health needs.
Bright Mind enables you to benefit from light-sound technology every day right in the comfort of your home, at work, and at school. With Bright Mind you have a system designed to optimize your health care program.



the brain has self-healing capacities? The human brain can learn or re-learn self-regulatory mechanisms basic to its normal design and function.

How does Bright Mind work?
By signaling the brain with photic stim lights, the brain receives healthy brainwave patterns and learns to duplicate them. Continuous sessions retrains the brain to adjust unhealthy patterns to healthy ranges. Eventually, the brain learns how to stay within healthy ranges on its own and is able to sustain healthy activity independently. What happened? The brain reorganized its functional pathways.

The brain emits different types of waves. Through Bright Mind light and sound technology in a 30-minute session, your brainwave frequency changes speed to a healthier and more normal pattern. Your body-mind function becomes enhanced.

What is the Bright Mind portable unit?
The Bright Mind set is made of a small processor slightly larger than a smart phone, headphones with cords attached, and glasses with built-in photic lights. By wearing the headphones and glasses at the appropriate settings easily adjusted on the processor, you will be ready for a Bright Mind session. The light intensity and sound volume are easily adjusted to your most comfortable setting. In under two minutes, you can be all set for your Bright Mind session.

What can you expect?
The sound from the headphones are soothing rhythmic beats. The lights are a soft blue with gentle flashing stimulation. You may be surprised how quickly these become extremely comfortable and hardly noticeable as you rest, work, exercise while seated, read, or watch television. And yes, Bright Mind can be used with eyes closed and laying down for a ten minute power nap or an extended rest.

How can Bright Mind benefit you and those you care about?

When unable to focus…
Man-wearing-Unitchildren and adults struggle to pay attention. In academic settings, this causes significant challenges for absorbing and retaining information, being responsive during class, managing distractions, and completing assignments.

The brain emits different types of waves, depending on whether we are in a focused state or daydreaming. For children or adults with difficulty paying attention or focusing, their natural state is to daydream. Through Bright Mind light and sound technology used in a 30-minute session, the user’s brainwave frequency changes speed to a healthier and more normal pattern. This matters. The ability to pay attention becomes enhanced as the child or adult produces brainwave patterns associated with a better state of mental balance. The result is the user becomes more able to focus, follow directions, act with purpose, and make pro-social choices through the increased ability to pay attention. With regular sessions, the brain learns how to self-regulate. This portable unit can easily be used in a classroom, during an afterschool program, or in the comforts of their own home.

With degenerative ailments…
specific symptoms may occur such as struggles with memory, tremors, slowed movement, rigid muscles, posture and balance changes, changes in automatic movements, speech, and writing. Bright Mind sessions regulate more consistent and clear neuronal messages through optimized brainwave patterns. By exercising these components of the nervous system we assist our body to establish a preferred norm.

“Being diagnosed with Parkinson’s, I was skeptical at first that anything would assist me to feel relief from my fatigue and tremors. How amazed I am that, since using Bright Mind every day, my tremors are greatly reduced, and I have not fallen at all — this had been a too regular occurrence. My appetite and energy are back. A twenty minute session in the morning starts my day. I feel renewed and so grateful!” N.P., Minneapolis, MN   

“My husband’s diagnosis of MCI, mild cognitive impairment, stunned us and we immediately researched supporting his brain health. We refined an already healthy diet and insured exercise. However the biggest result began when we started using Bright Mind twice a day to exercise memory. We are so thrilled with the results. The best news: he is stable at testing eighteen months beyond the original diagnosis. The doctor says, ‘Whatever you are doing, keep doing it: it’s working!’ I benefit also; Bright Mind has helped adjust my sleep patterns so I am more rested and relaxed. Like the doctor said, ‘It’s working!’” M.J., Atlanta, GA

With jet lag and everyday fatigue…
Bright Mind sessions can be adjusted to help travelers adjust more readily to jet lag. Or when experiencing general fatigue, Bright Mind can provide an energy boost as you start the day in front of the computer or read the newspaper. Catch a ten minute power nap and find yourself refreshed for the afternoon.

When you need to unwind…
a Bright Mind session can help you more readily relax, feel good, or find your way to sleep and calm with greater ease. Readily enhance your session with music, from nature sounds to jazz to put you in a particular state of mind.

Bright Mind benefits children, teens, adults, and elders!

bright-mind-case2Join families who all share the advantages of light and sound technology for:

  • Attention and Focus
  • Memory
  • Clarity
  • Jet lag
  • Fatigue
  • Stress
  • Sleep

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