Light-Sound Technology for a Child’s Bright Today and Brilliant Tomorrow
Bright Mind Light-Sound Technology — a healthy option for student success and achievement

Use of technology to promote student learning continues to gain attention as we strive to improve education.

However, are we discussing how using technology can benefit the learner?

We all know students who struggle with attention. Being unable or less able to pay attention causes frustration and heightens anxiety. Learning has enough stressors already—can we reduce the stress for children and teens and open doors to the world of knowledge? We all want this for our students.

Whether in a classroom or after school program, students arrive to school aiming for success. Yet there are personal inhibitors beyond the student’s control that cause roadblocks.

Research shows that struggles with paying attention and hyperactivity create difficult patterns of behavior. Science informs us that brain frequency is an underlying cause. Thankfully we now have substantial research opening the doors to new options for responding to these students and guiding them to academic and social success.

Bright Mind systems offers a non-invasive approach to student learning, health and well-being. This is technology used to support the learner. This is safe and ready to use — now. Light-sound technology is the answer!

How does Bright Mind light-sound technology work?
By signaling the brain with photic stim lights and binary or sustained sound, the brain automatically receives and duplicates healthy brainwave patterns. Benefits start immediately. Continuous sessions retrains the brain to adjust unhealthy patterns to healthy ranges. Eventually, the brain learns how to stay within healthy ranges on its own and is able to sustain healthy activity independently. What happened? The brain reorganized its functional pathway. The photo-stim glasses flicker in patterns in coordination with the rhythmic sound beats to create the necessary brain stimulus.

When a child or teen uses Bright Mind light-sound technology, a session lasting 18-30 minutes is selected to assist with attention or being alert or calming. The specific settings “dial in” the appropriate healthier brain wave frequency with immediate benefits to the user. With regular use these healthier patterns become normative.

Did you know the brain has self-healing capacities?

The human brain can learn or re-learn self-regulatory mechanisms basic to its normal design and function.

With Bright Mind the learning continues! While the photic stim glasses and headset are worn, the child or teen continues to participate in school—work on the computer, write or read, complete homework. If listening to a lesson or participating in a conversation, wearing glasses only offers support, and similarly the headsets can be used independently of the glasses. The teacher and the student can agree on when the session is held. Classroom activity continues as normal. In an after school program a child may arrive agitated from the school day or has a challenge adjusting; using Bright Mind during homework time can sooth and calm while helping the child to self-regulate—and complete assignments.

Bright Mind system is designed for maximum ease of use and comfort. The glasses are lightweight and the headsets comfortable. The user has complete control over the intensity of the lights and the sound volume. Easy.

What is accomplished through Bright Mind light-sound technology? Students improve naturally. They have a resource for self-regulation and build on what we now know about the brain: the brain has self-healing capacities; the human brain can learn or re-learn self-regulatory mechanisms basic to its normal design and function.

What would it be like if learning became easier for you? If in a thirty minute Bright Mind session, suddenly you could pay attention more readily and follow through on your work, how would you feel?

Bright Mind Center offers a range of support systems for your school.

Bright Mind Light-Sound Technology
, systems designed specifically to support learning in the classroom, in afterschool programs—and at home. Our Bright Mind team considers the optimum options for your school and provides the support needed to deliver solutions.

Bright Mind Professional Learning Opportunities led by internationally renown educator and author Cathryn Berger Kaye who enlivens classroom through easy to implement practical engaging teaching strategies for everyday use. These augment the learning environment and reduce student anxiety, increasing participation by every child. Highlights include improving active listening, taking notes, homework skills, asking questions, writing, collaboration and group work. Cathryn is known for her engaging delivery filled with humor and insights that always models best teaching practice and leaves the school community buzzing. For more on Cathryn, visit

Bright Mind Brain Gems Seminars for educators, parents and students lo heighten knowledge of how the brain works to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. Co-led by chiropractic neurologist Dr. Barry L. Kaye and educator Cathryn Kaye, you have the best of both worlds—science and education—merging for your school. Through highly interactive sessions, expand your notion of brain health to include knowing the inner workings of the brain, and how strategic solutions improve function and outcomes through everyday communication, exercise, and nutrition.

CREATE A WIN-WIN in your school community for all! Teachers, students, families all come together with the school administration in support of student success. Contact Bright Mind Center today for programs custom-designed for your school.


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